LED Teeth Whitening

lighthead-large.jpgUltraBright mouthpieces are specially designed and manufactured for the best possible comfort and focused LED targeting.

We like to create perfect smiles and we can with our patent teeth whitening systems that have been clinically proven to be unmatched in terms of safety and effectiveness. Our special LED lighting systems increase the release of hydroxyl radicals that in turn accelerate the dissipation of teeth stains. The advanced spectrum LED light is positioned precisely on its target and is controlled which allows the energy to be directed staright to the outside of the clear mouthpiece between the upper and lower teeth. The very safe visible blue light works in conjunction with the patent-pending UltraBright teeth whitening gel to achieve the very best results possible.

Our industry unique and highly innovative formulations are pre-filled with a neutral ph, 36% carbamide peroxide gel. The gel is perfectly engineered to respond to the exact wavelength settings from our LED light systems to optimize results.

We are Pioneers in the teeth whitening industry and we have revolutionized the whitening science with our truly state of the art products. We continue to push for new and improved ways to gain a whiter smile, our goal is to continue to bring teeth whitening to all in the safest possible way at an affordable price.

The science behind our LED whitening

Our exclusive mouthpiece forms to the shape and body of the teeth, which in turn eliminates the need for a custom built tray. Our unique teeth whitening gels are specially formulated to respond to the exact LED wavelength setting on our state of the art LED light. The combination of the gel and light together creates the best effective whitening possible.

Our exclusive LED light is specifically calibrated to the precise nanometer level that is optimal for teeth whitening. The wavelength of the LED blue light is the most important factor in teeth whitening and our UltraBright LED Lights are specifically calibrated to deliver a perfect result.

UltraBright teeth whitening products are placed into pressure pockets in the mouthpiece to deliver the best results. This creates a squeezing effect and forces the intentionally thick carbamide peroxide gel solution into the structure of each tooth.

UltraBright products work in conjunction with pressure and the controlled spectrum blue light rays that beam through our patented mouthpieces which produce a 100% safe and painless reaction which is catalyzed to create the perfect internal mouth temperature that optimizes the activation of the carbamide peroxide solution. The Hydroxyl radical activity is intensified and the teeth rapidly whiten between two to eight shades.

The UltraBright Teeth Whitening System combines the elements of light, pressure, heat and the ultimate carbamide peroxide gel solution to minimize the exposure time necessary to achieve the beautiful Ultra bright smile that you desire.