Stay White Whitening Pen

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Stay White Whitening Pen

UltraBright USA Stay White PenTM is the #1 Teeth Whitening Pen available in the USA today! This Whitening Pen contains the strongest teeth whitening gel available for home use with 12% Hydrogen Peroxide and is manufactured by us here in the USA. UltraBright USA White Teeth Whitening Pens are excellent for use at home, and can be used to prevent color regression after an in-office teeth whitening session.

With the introduction of our latest professional teeth whitening pens you are able to take care of your teeth where-ever and when-ever. Our newest professional teeth whitening pen ($35) called "Stay White" provides professional "On the Go" teeth whitening.

Our Stay White On the Go professional teeth whitening pen provides every consumer with a safe, affordable, fast and effective way to professionally create and maintain a beautiful white smile in the privacy of your home, office, car, where ever and when ever you choose.

The Stay White professional teeth whitening pen is available in our specially formulated mint flavored gel which is perfect for everyone's use including people with sensitive teeth and gums.

The Stay White professional teeth whitening pen with its ergonomical design makies it easy to add to your current cosmetic range that you already use on the go, its the perfect way to keep your smile whiter and free from stains and discoloring, its a great way to make your smile Stay White! go ahead bring back your beautiful smile, start using our professional teeth whitening pen and ensure your smile Stays White.

Please review the benefits of what this new professional teeth whitening pen can do, listed below.

  • ease of use
  • 12x Stronger than over the counter teeth whitening strips
  • no trays, dental appointments or whitening strips to be applied to teeth
  • prevents stain buildup from food and drink such as tea and coffee
  • can be used on targeted areas in the mouth such as individual teeth
  • can be used before retiring to bed, to help whiten your teeth overnight while you sleep
  • easy to carry cosmetic like pen easy to apply whenever and wherever you want
  • gel application directly to teeth minimizes gum contact which minimizes mouth irritation
  • handy for purses, car, office,suit pockets and cosmetic bags
  • enamel safe whitening ingredient used by dentists throughout the industry which dries quickly
  • Direct from the Distibutor

Remove cap and twist handle several times until the gel appears on the tip. Smile and apply gel onto each tooth. After 30 second you may relax your smile. Do not eat or drink anything except water for at least 60 minutes. Store in a cool place.

Please Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes or skin. If contact occurs, wipe the gel off and rinse with water. DO NOT use if pregnant or lactating, or if teeth or gums are not healthy. Some temporary tooth sensitivity or gum irritation may occur. Please discontinue use if prolonged discomfort occurs.

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  • 4
    Great results

    Posted by jersey lane on 17th Aug 2013

    excellent results from this small pen, it also lasts quite a while.

  • 5
    Love my little pen

    Posted by Cath betanta on 12th Aug 2013

    its a great addendum to my makeup bag i use it after all meals and it helps improve the whiteness no end.

  • 5
    The best of teeth whitening pens

    Posted by Nikki Jeremy on 31st Jul 2013

    this is the company that sells this pen on groupon, i buy it from here when they have no coupons trending, trust me i have tried them all and this is by far the best out there.

  • 5
    White gleaming teeth

    Posted by kay on 7th Jun 2013

    it works well for me, i have had 8 pens in the last 6 months and i continue to have gleaming white teeth, thanks..

  • 5
    Best on the market

    Posted by david wells on 29th Oct 2012

    i have tried many of these products from other suppliers and this is the best i have used so far, great product..

  • 5
    Perfect for my purse

    Posted by Hilary Miles on 1st Oct 2012

    i bought one of these pens last week on the advice of my dentist just to maintain the whiteness of my teeth in between dentist visits, its perfect, so far it does the trick and keeps my mouth feeling fresh all day also a bonus.

  • 5
    white teeth on the move

    Posted by Maria Michaels on 26th Sep 2012

    This pen is amazing for daily use whilst going about your day to day activities, at work, at home on the road, fits in your cosmetic bag or purse, it really keeps the stains away from your teeth..

  • 5
    This really works

    Posted by J Mason on 17th Sep 2012

    i cant believe it, this pen actually works, i had my teeth professionally whitened by my dentist, he advised me to use this pen to maintain the bright white smile i now possess, it keeps away the stains and daily food build up, i love this pen and will use it always, thanks Ultrabright....